About Us

“Zagora Fruit” AD, Stara Zagora is situated in the middle part of Bulgaria, in Thracian lowlands- an exceptional fertile and ecological clear region. The canning factory was founded in 1923.

“Zagora Fruit” AD is the biggest producer in Bulgaria of aseptically tomato paste , red pepper paste and various kinds of puree concentrates in metal drums.

The company has modern facilities
for processing of raw products and aseptic filling of finished products. The exceptional taste quality of the tomato and pepper puree are well known in Central and Eastern Europe.

The whole production process is subject to continuous monitoring on the basis of the analyses performed in the company laboratory. The finished products are supplied with a Certificate of quality.
Among the customers of Zagora Fruit AD (a joint-stock company) are: “Deroni”, “Konservinvest”, “Konex-Tiva”, “Vidona R”, SD “Vodolei-4”, “Ideal produkt”, “Dipsi” and others firm, wich are leading Bulgarians in the branch..